The way of the compassionate spirit

Jin Shin Do® is an acupressure technique that releases emotional and physical tensions by applying pressure to two acupressure points simultaneously. The touch is gentle and the pacing slow.

This form of bodymind acupressure brings deep relaxation, and a therapeutic approach suited to the problems caused by stress, muscle tension (even chronic tension), sciatica, migraines and function problems.

Jin Shin Do blends aspects of Japanese and Chinese acupressure, Taoist philosophy and certain forms of Western psychotherapy. It is care for the body and the mind, because each has an impact on the other.



The circulation of energy

Based on Taoist philosophy, qi gong (chi kung) means “energy work.” It is the art of stimulating the circulation of life energy, the qi (t’chi), through breathing and visualization, combined with slow yet dynamic movements. With qi gong, blockages can be gently released; vitality arises out of a deep calm.

Overall, in my practice, the stretching of energy meridians, use of sounds that create vibrations in our organs, and movements all foster a freer flow of energy.

I have developed workshops based on qi gong for the seasons, to help create a balance between our qi and the surrounding environment. I practice and teach Soaring Crane, the qi gong of wisdom.



Authentic Movement (AM)

AM is a moving way to tap into the source of our vitality and have access to what might block the expression of our creativity.

With eyes closed we contact sensation, images and feelings. Movement and gestures emerge from this inner focus. The person moving is being seen by one or more witnesses. The role of the witness is to hold the mover in their attention while at the same time noticing their own sensations, images and feelings.

After a given time, mover and witness take time in silence to write, draw or move with eyes open. A verbal exchange follows.